There is a lot of information available on the Internet concerning the different spheres of the financial market trading industry. Additionally, the rapid increase in the number of people who can access the Internet via mobile devices has improved (and continues to grow) access to the world’s financial markets. Consequently, opportunities are being created for companies such as Jones Mutual to enter the online financial market trading space.

Thus, there are many valid questions about the online trading industries’ authenticity, validity, and security. And they must be answered before leaping into the online trading industry. Furthermore, it is important to determine whether online trading’s significant exposure to risk can be part of your long-term investment goals before you start pumping money into trading on the global financial markets.

Before we continue, it’s important to note that Jones Mutual is not the only online trading company open for business. Therefore, the question that begs is why you should open a Jones Mutual investment account and not with another brokerage. Ergo, what are the benefits of trading on the Jones Mutual trading platform instead of another brand?

The answer is quite simple and can be encapsulated in the following three phrases: customer service, cutting-edge technology, security. Therefore, let’s investigate Jones Mutual concerning each of these phrases to provide a case for investing with Jones Mutual and not another brand.

Customer service

One of the cornerstones of a successful online trading brokerage and a sign of the brand’s maturity is its dedication to customer service. Conversely, if a brand does not have dedicated, mature customer service processes in place, there is a high risk that the company is fraudulent or if not, in all likelihood the brokerage will fail regardless of product excellence.

Based on this business tenet, Jones Mutual’s customer service centre prioritises customer service. They do their best to support their clients holistically: fundamental and technical analysis support, compliance support, and general support. Furthermore, their staff makes sure that they correspond promptly with their clients. In short, they understand that their clients’ trading success equates to the brand’s success.

Cutting-edge technology

The Jones Mutual brand is synonymous with innovation and technology. Their security experts ensure that the company’s online trading platform (and website) is constantly updated with the latest cutting-edge security as well as the newest technology. In this way, Jones Mutual continues to drive technological innovations in the online trading industry.

Part of their Jones Mutuals’s business ethos is to foster a culture of innovation. This includes the leveraging of statistical data, socio-economic and geopolitical events, and macro- and micro-economic data to develop both fundamental and technical analytical tools. Succinctly stated, Jones Mutual puts measures into place to ensure that their clients have the advantage when it comes to making the best trading decisions.


The unfortunate reality is that the many benefits of accessing the Internet come hand-in-hand with the increase in fraudulent actions like monetary theft, data theft, and identity. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that your Internet connection and network connections are protected end-to-end. Simply stated, all incoming and outgoing network traffic must be secured by the latest firewall and Internet security applications. Furthermore, it is crucial to partner with an online brokerage that makes online trading security a priority.

As mentioned before, Jones Mutual prioritises the implementation of the latest technological innovations. They make sure that their website, server, network, dealing room, and computer infrastructure have the latest firewall and digital security hardware, software and business methodologies. They understand that their technology is the barrier between their clients and the rest of the digital world. Consequently, it is imperative they keep up to date with the latest innovations to keep ahead of hackers.

Final thoughts

Therefore, in summary, Jones Mutual’s traders can rest assured that they are trading with a legitimate, authentic online trading company. The company prioritises their clients’ trading success by focussing on customer service and by maintaining their trading infrastructure to make sure it stays safe to use by keeping up with the latest security innovations.